How To Manage Your Work Life Balance Better

"I believe a good Work Life Balance is where your work, social and personal commitments take up
manageable proportions of your time, and provide personal fulfillment." - Tony Nudd



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We are the creators the The Work Life Balance App a free to use personal Facebook app for managing and monitoring your personal and work related goals.

We are also a Software Provider for Human Resources (HR), Life Coaches, Business Coaches and  Small & Medium Businesses.

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Do you need to manage your Work Life Balance better,
and improve your overall quality time spent on essential activities to achieve a more balance life?


 9 work life balance categories



Our Work Life Balance Calculator and Monitor App has been designed with two things in mind:


1. Do Not Try To Boil the Ocean - We may not be able to control or change how our time is spent at work, and may have certain other activities we are committed too, but we can still make many small changes to the rest of our time available.


2. Do Not Look For Results To Occur Every Hour - If we measure the many small changes we make to our time utilisation over say a month, 3 months or 1 year we will be able to see the power that those small changes have made to our lives.


You cannot improve something until you can measure it.


In our discovery for a balanced Work-Life, the one thing we will need to do is to be able to measure where we are now, so we can create Goals and Activities to get us where we want to be.


Make a start today - Launch the FREE Work Life Balance App  PC-Laptop or Android Mobile
The private Facebook App (for your eyes only).


Work Life Balance is not just about looking only at our work-life against our home-life, as you know, it is more complex than that. At NUhRTURE we use 9 Core Categories of concern in measuring "Balance". Work is just one of the 9 Categories.

In monitoring and improving your 9 Core Categories, we believe you can make significant improvements to your Work Life Balance. This is enhanced by setting Goals and monitoring your progress in achieving these Goals.

Of course self-monitoring is possible, but in conjunction with the Life Coach or Business Coach the process is much more effective. This is why we have added the Coach Module, which allows your nominated Coach to view your Goals and progress.


work life balance core categories


To help you monitor your Work Life Balance more effectively we have designed a Work Life Balance Calculator and Monitor Application. Currently this application is available (free to use) as a Facebook App and allows you to set Goals to reach, log the time you spend on activities and report on how you are meeting your Goals. You can launch the Facebook App using the shortcut shown above right.




Coaches - Trial Our Coaching Module Today

free software tools for coaches

Free To Trial - Try it today

1. Launch Work Life Balance Monitor App for Facebook, PC-Laptop

2. Launch Coach App for Facebook, PC-Laptop

3. From the Coach App add your coaching details and record your Coach ID from the Set Up page

4. From Monitor App add your Coach ID to the Coach Set Up Page to allow the Coach App to connect.

5. Start logging and updating as a Client in Monitor App

6. View and interact as a Coach via Coach App

7. When you are ready, purchase a subscription to then connect to your Clients



Statistical Report of the Time Spent on 9 Work Life Balance Categories


Work Life balance Report We maintain a report showing the average number of hours our users of the Work Life Balance Monitor spend on their 9 Core Activities.


Download your free copy of the Work Life Balance Time Allocation Report from our "free downloads area" now.




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