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The Work Life Balance Calculator and Monitor allows the user to manage their 9 Core Categories  as detailed below. In our definition of Work Life Balance, we condiser "employment" to be just one of 9 Core Categories of concern in getting "Balance".


The 9 Core Work Life Balance Categories

Use the sub-menus on the left for a detailed overview of each category.


"I believe a good Work Life Balance is where your work, social and personal commitments take up
managable proporptions of your time, and provide personal fulfillment." - Tony Nudd

9 core categories for good work life balance

Balance is probably a mis-understood concept within Work Life Balance.

Balance does not mean "equal amounts of something", but rather, "managable amounts of something".

Within the NUhRTURE Work Life Balance concept, we identify 9-Core categories of activities which most people either need or desire in their own lives in order to feel fulfilled.

The mix and amounts and types of activities within each category with be uniquely different for each person.

Another important thing to remember is that the mix and amounts and types of activities in each category changes depending on where that person is in their life.

For example, Jane who has just taken time off work and has recently had her second baby is very family focussed and not interested in career development (at this stage in her life). however, in a few years time, that may change, and her focus may well start to be more focussed on wealth management and career development as her children get older.

The balance in Work Life Balance is different for everyone and changes depending on what is happening in a person's life.


The 9-Core categories of activities which we have determinied that most people either need or desire in their own lives in order to feel fulfilled are adapted from Maslow Hierarchy Of Needs and our own independent research.

While at NUhRTURE we disagree with the idea of a "hierachy" of needs, we do agree with the basic premise of Maslow's five key needs each human craves, being: Physiological, Safety, Love/Belonging, Esteem & Self-Actualisation. For more information on Abraham Maslow, and the Maslow Hierarchy Of Needs a good starting point is

As you can see, the NUhRTURE 9-Core Categories fall within one or more of Maslow's key areas.

 NUhRTURE 9-Core Categories

  • Family

  • Wealth Creation

  • Relationship

  • Spirituality

  • Health

  • Personal Development

  • Career development

  • Socialising

  • (Overtime)


Maslow Hierarchy Of Needs
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maslow hierarchy of needs



You decide what activities belong to each category and set a number of hours to spend each week on these categories in order to complete your activities. We discuss sone ideas of activities for each category in the sub-menus on the left of this web page.

NUhRTURE has also developed a Work Life Balance Monitor which can help you to measure how you are performing and show what percentage you have completed of your goals.

The Work Life Balance Application allows you to enter on a daily basis the time you have spent on each category, while also showing the accumulated time for each category (see image below). For more detailed statistics, you can visit the Reports Tab.


Calculate Your Current Time Distribution

Calculate Current Time Distribution


The 9 Core Work Life Balance Categories

Log your time against each of the 9 Core Categories


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