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Creating SMART Goals For Work Life Balance


Create Not Just SMART Goals, but SMARTER Goals For Your Work Life Balance 


You can now add your Goal Activities to the Work Life Balance Monitor App.


You are probably aware of making sure your Goals are SMART (Specifc, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely), but at NUhRTURE, we also believe belive for your personal Goals to be effective, you should also make your goals Enticing and Rewarding - SMARTER


There are a number of different articles proposing SMARTER Goals, we believe the NUhRTURE definition to be appropriate for Work Life Balance Goals.


Specific - make sure your Goals are not vague, in your SMARTER Goal definition try to answer the 6-Ws:

*Who is involved?,  *What do I want to accomplish?, *Where will it take place, *When will it occur by, *Which requirements and constraints, *Why am I doing this.


Measurable - make sure you can measure your Goal e.g. how much, how many, time, money, weight, etc


Attainable - make sure you have outlined and understand all the steps you need to perform to carry out the Goal (e.g. join gym, get sports clothes, get map, bus timetable, travel pass, etc

Realistic - make sure your Goal is first, humanly possible, and then secondly, possible by you. Do you have all the resources your need (e.g. time, strength, support, money etc).

Timely - make sure you have set a time period around your Goal. This time period (or deadline) should also be SMART (e.g. in 3 weeks, or by 12/12/2012 etc).

Enticing - make sure you have written/defined you Goal in an interesting and attractive way (maybe also add a picture).

Rewarding - make sure you have set yourself a reward once the Goal is achieved



Example Goals:

rewards for goal achievement I will lose 5KG weight before 12/12/2012 by not drinking alcohol and eating only fresh nutritious food and walking to and from work every Monday to Friday even when it is raining. I will use the showers at work and keep my kit in the employee locker room. On weekends I will walk twice around the local park. Once I have lost the 5KG I will not only look more attractive and feel fitter, but I will buy myself a new pair of denims.
 chunkmaps for improved communication  On 21/02/2012 I will give an amazing and interactive presentation to the Sales Team on the CHUNKMAPS method for improved communication. I will provide both the CHUNKMAPS Overview handout and several examples. Once the presentation is finished I will make sure I get LinkedIn to all the attendees to grow my professional network.



The screenshot below shows a Goal Activity in the Facebook App
 added SMART Goal activity
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